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Adding Prism

I follow the tutorial to add syntax highlighting to the code blocks in the MDX files. I have to say, I love the way the code blocks look in the published blog, but I'm not a huge fan of the code itself. It uses prism-react-renderer to apply the styles and I must say it looks like a lot more effort than just including PrismJS and linking to a theme in the gatsby-browser.js file. The main code that I have a problem with is the Code.jsx file:

1export const Code = ({ codeString, language }) => {
2 const handleClick = () => {
3 copyToClipboard(codeString);
4 };
6 return (
7 <Highlight {...defaultProps} code={codeString} language={language} theme={theme}>
8 {({ className, style, tokens, getLineProps, getTokenProps }) => (
9 <Pre className={className} style={style}>
10 <CopyCode onClick={handleClick}>Copy</CopyCode>
11 {, i) => (
12 <div key={line} {...getLineProps({ line, key: i })}>
13 <LineNo>{i + 1}</LineNo>
14 {, key) => (
15 <span key="token" {...getTokenProps({ token, key })} />
16 ))}
17 </div>
18 ))}
19 </Pre>
20 )}
21 </Highlight>
22 );

Specifically, I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the component contained withing the <Highlight... /> component. In the line {({ className, style, tokens, getLineProps, getTokenProps }), where did those props come from? This is a kind of magic that I'm not usually a fan of. I like to be able to read my code and see explicitly where everything comes from. After reading the documentation for prism-react-renderer, however, it's clear to me that the <Highlight... /> component returns a highlight object and applies it to its child component. All of those props are part of that highlight object. I take learning something new as a win, and decide that I'll try a version with just PrismJS at some point in the future.

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