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Getting Started

Like so many, I have always wanted to start a blog. Well, I've finally decided to do it. I'm planning on making it about simple tech things that I learn along the way. Why? Partially because you never know when your information is the the bit that someone needs to solve some problem. Mostly, though, so I don't forget what I learn. How many times have you learned some trick or quick solution only to forget it weeks later? I figure going through the process of learning and documenting will (in theory) help make new knowledge more permanent. To start, I'm following this tutorial:

I decided on Gatsby because I am already somewhat familiar with it from developing the site for my podcast: And what way to better learn a system than a from-scratch tutorial? I do plan on making some changes, though. I plan on adding TypeScript, React Testing Library, and using Emotion instead of Styled Components.

I'll also be pulling from several other sources to customize this site the way I want to. Hopefully you'll find something useful here as you peruse the entries. Happy reading!

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